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White Collar Crime Attorney in San Antonio, TX

Enron, Martha Stewart and Bernie Madoff are just a handful of the famous white collar crimes of our time. These crimes are considered "white collar" because there is no violence involved and the criminals and victims are usually faceless to one another.

While white collar crimes are generally considered to be less bad than other types of criminal activities, they can dramatically affect your reputation and may negatively affect your family, friends and business associates. The only way to fight these accusations and keep them out of the public eye is by hiring a skilled San Antonio Criminal Attorney with experience defending white collar crime.

It is also important that your criminal lawyer has experience fighting charges in a federal court, as accusations of this nature tend to attract attention from the FBI, IRS, and SEC. If any of these institutions file charges against you, you will be forced to attend a federal trial and will see a great benefit if you have an existing history with your San Antonio white collar crime attorney.

Punishments for white collar crimes can include fines, community service and prison time. Additionally, you may lose any professional licenses you currently hold. Our attorneys have defended people accused of a number of different white collar crimes.

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If you have been accused of a white collar crime, do not sit back while your reputation crumbles and your freedom runs out. Immediately contact a skilled criminal lawyer in San Antonio, TX with experience in defending white collar crimes at both a state and federal level. At The Law Offices of San Antonio's Criminal Lawyer, our attorneys have the talent and knowledge you need to defend your rights and liberties. Call today.