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San Antonio Violent Crime Defense Lawyer

When you are tried with a violent crime, you will need a skilled San Antonio violent crimes attorney to not only help defend you, but also to ensure you get a fair trial. An unfortunate aspect of violent crime trials is the psychological harm done to the victim and the immediate empathy given to him or her by the jury. Only a top criminal defense in San Antonio can help ensure the jury stays unbiased throughout your entire trial.

The penalties for these violent crimes can be notoriously severe. Most people will be forced to spend time in the Webb County Detention Center and will face massive fines. For some violent crimes, you may even receive the death penalty. This means the right San Antonio Criminal Lawyer can literally save your life.

At our Five Points office, we have handled all types of violent crime cases, from Class C misdemeanors to Capital Murder charges and everything in between. We are prepared to fully defend all of our clients with every extent of our abilities and are willing to perform forensics, witness interview, expert consultations, and more. A San Antonio Criminal Attorney in our firm will work to ensure no evidence used against you was obtained illegally. We will keep working until your charges are dropped, we get you a plea bargain or you are found not guilty.

Our Criminal Attorney Handles All Types of Violent Crime Cases

A few cases a San Antonio Criminal Lawyer from A San Antonio's Criminal Lawyer has successfully taken in the past include: