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San Antonio Vandalism Defense Attorney

Vandalism is usually a juvenile crime, but there are plenty adult offenders too. Whenever someone willingly damages the property of another, they can be charged with criminal mischief, which is the name of the offense used for those who have been arrested for vandalism, graffiti or damaging property. Whether you or your child have been accused of the crime, the only way to truly defend yourself or your child from the potential consequences is to work with a skilled San Antonio Criminal Attorney.

Criminal mischief charges may be a misdemeanor or felony depending on the property damage value and the criminal record of the defendant. If more than $1,500 of damage has been done, or if the suspect has been charged with a similar crime in the past, the crime will be a felony. Fortunately, if the property damage value was anywhere around the $1,500 mark, your San Antonio Criminal Lawyer may be able to show that it was actually worth just under that amount or he may be able to negotiate a plea bargain for a reduction of the charges.

In some cases, we may be able to have the charges dropped all together after talking to the person who owns the damaged property. He or she may be willing to drop the charges if you agree to repair the damage you or your child has caused. Your San Antonio criminal attorney can help you discuss this idea with the property owner.

Sealing Records for Crimes Committed by Minors

If the defendant is a minor and he or she is convicted, the charge could affect his or her future prospects. Fortunately, the law allows for criminal convictions performed before a person turns 18 to be sealed and hidden upon their 18th birthday. If your child is convicted, a San Antonio Criminal Lawyer can help you seal the record when the time is right.

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