San Antonio Trespassing Defense Lawyer

Have you been charged with trespassing?  Then contact our today to speak with a San Antonio criminal attorney about your case.

Criminal trespassing is essentially the act of walking onto or into property that does not belong to you without permission.  If a sign on a gate says “private property” it is a crime to jump the gate anyway.  There are different criminal levels to trespassing, though most cases are misdemeanors. 

On the other hand, having a misdemeanor charge on your record may prevent you from receiving gainful employment or quality housing. Unfortunately, many people, particularly those who offer crime defense in San Antonio, TX, take these charges too lightly. A lot of attorneys fail to provide a strong defense for clients accused of misdemeanors because they feel the crime is not worth their time.

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If you have been accused of trespassing, contact our offices immediately. A San Antonio Criminal Attorney will help you create a winning defense strategy against the charges you are facing. We can help you fight trespassing charges involving:

At our law firm, we understand that even the most seemingly minor trespassing case may still cause you great anxiety and stress. We know most people have never been charged with a crime before and even the smallest crime can seem like a huge deal to those without a criminal record. Your San Antonio trespassing lawyer will not only help defend you from these accusations but also help relieve the worry you feel about them.