San Antonio Tax Fraud Lawyer

The San Antonio criminal attorney has successfully defended those clients with tax problems for many years.  Our legal team has worked with cases involving tax fraud, tax evasion, tax identity theft, and much more. If you or someone you love has been accused of tax fraud, please contact us here at the law office of the San Antonio criminal lawyer immediately to begin evaluating your case.

Tax fraud is a criminal act under the Texas state penal code.  Such fraudulent acts as tax evasion are most often charged as a felony offense.  Any act of willful hiding or misleading about the amount of taxable income an individual possesses is a form of tax fraud.  If you knowingly withhold taxable income on your tax returns, you have committed a prosecutable crime.

The San Antonio criminal lawyer is an experienced legal investigator, negotiator, and examiner.  Our legal team knows that in order to convict a person of tax fraud, the prosecution must prove to the jury that the defendant willfully evaded or hid their taxable income. This is sometimes a complicated matter to prove.  The prosecution will most likely subpoena your bank records and other financial statements, however the San Antonio criminal lawyer may be able to block such moves.

The sentence for tax fraud depends largely on the amount of money that was withheld and the defendant’s criminal history.  While prison time is always a possibility in a felony case, you may just have to pay a fine and/or serve a period of probation.  But again, this all depends on a number of factors. 

Here at the law office of the San Antonio criminal lawyer, we are dedicated to achieving the best outcome possible for your case.  Contact our office today for a free and confidential evaluation of your case.