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Sexual Assault Attorney in San Antonio, TX

All forms of unwanted sexual penetration, including rape and date rape, are collectively charged as sexual assault in Texas. The term sexual assault is believed to carry fewer negative connotations than rape while covering a wider array of conduct, which is said to help prevent jury bias and allow questionable acts of penetration to still be charged with the severity they deserve. While most people are not as emotionally affected by the words "sexual assault," the acts described in these trials are still extremely heinous and it requires an excellent San Antonio Criminal Attorney to ensure you receive a fair trial when accused of these crimes.

Because rape and other forms of sexual assault are so terrible, victims of these crimes often receive great sympathies and the suspects of these crimes are largely stigmatized by the accusations. For these reasons, it is extremely common for people to falsify sexual assault accusations for purposes of revenge, politics, control and other reasons. When you work with a skilled San Antonio Criminal Lawyer to fight charges of sexual assault, our first question will be "does this person have anything to gain by filing these accusations?" If there is an easy to see motive, we will further investigate the drive behind the person’s charges and present these in court to show the jury why they should not convict you based on the "victim’s" words alone.

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It is important to note that just because someone didn’t actively fight off your advances, it doesn’t mean they consented to your actions. Simply saying that someone never said "no" is not enough to prove your innocence and may even be seen as an admission of guilt. If a person is seen as being unable to consent due to drug or alcohol intoxication, age or mental capacity, you may still be convicted of sexual assault. These sorts of technicalities can be rather complex, which is why it is so advantageous to work with a skilled San Antonio Criminal Attorney as soon as you are accused of sexual assault.

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