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Probation is always preferable to incarceration, but that doesn’t mean the period is free of challenges and restrictions. In fact, violating probation is fairly easy to do and can result in very serious consequences, including the reinstatement of the maximum penalty for the crime you were convicted of. If you have been accused of a probation violation, it is critical you work with a top San Antonio Criminal Lawyer in order to defend your freedom.

Probation violations can occur when you break the rules of your probation or when you commit a new crime. Rule-breaking is easier to fight against because your San Antonio Criminal Attorney can often show that the violation was an accident or subject to mitigating circumstances. If you missed a meeting with your probation officer, for example, you may have fallen victim to unforeseeable circumstances or you may have been confused about the time and date of the meeting. In most cases, you will not be resentenced unless the court finds the violation to be willful and material, meaning it was intentional and significant. We will work to prove the violation fit neither situation.

If you are accused of committing a new crime, it can often be helpful to defend yourself against the probation violation and the new criminal trial with the help of a top San Antonio Criminal Lawyer. We will work to show that you were innocent of the charges and therefore, did not violate your probation.

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