Attorney for Prescription Drug Fraud in San Antonio

The San Antonio criminal attorney has successfully defended drug offenders for many years.  Our legal team has worked with cases involving drug manufacturing, delivery, distribution, and much more. If you or your loved one has been charged with prescription drug fraud, the San Antonio criminal attorney can help.

Prescription drug fraud can take a number of forms from getting multiple prescriptions from to stealing prescription medication pads to write your own.  Some offenders purchase illegal prescriptions over the internet or steal the identity of others such as their family members in order to get access to drugs.

The San Antonio criminal defense lawyer is an expert criminal lawyer that has successfully defended clients against all types of drug charges for many years.  Just because you have been arrested for prescription drug fraud does not automatically indicate that you are guilty or that there is sufficient evidence to reach a conviction.

Whatever your prescription drug fraud offense is, we can help.  For a first time offender with a clean record, it is quite possible that the San Antonio criminal lawyer can negotiate for a fine and a period of probation, and perhaps some community service or a drug rehab wherever needed.  Our city’s jails are overflowing and when most judges are given the opportunity to be lenient with first-time offenders they usually are.

Remember that even if you are arrested, you have rights. Protect those rights and guarantee yourself the best outcome possible for your case by contacting the law office of the San Antonio criminal defense lawyer today.