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Murder Defense Attorney in San Antonio, TX

The conviction of a murder charge can do more than just ruin your life. It can actually cut your life short. If you are convicted of capital murder, you will face the death penalty. Because murder is such a heinous charge, the government uses all of their available resources to convict suspects of the crime. Your only chance of beating the rap is to hire an experienced San Antonio criminal attorney with the resources to fully investigate the crime.

At The Law Offices of San Antonio's Criminal Lawyer, we know how life-changing a murder accusation can be. We will do everything in our power to help you fight these charges. We will investigate the murder scene, review all of the prosecution's evidence, speak to witnesses and more. We will collect evidence in your favor and seek to refute all evidence against you. If any evidence was gathered illegally, we will have it suppressed in the courtroom as a violation of your constitutional rights. In certain situations, we will negotiate between you and the prosecution to find a winning plea bargain that everyone can agree to.

Our San Antonio Criminal Attorney Defends All Categories of Charges

In our state, homicides can fall into five distinct categories: capital murder, murder, manslaughter, intoxication manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide. Each of these crimes involves different circumstances and different penalties. Your San Antonio Criminal Lawyer can help explain them in detail if you have any questions.

A capital murder charge will leave the convict with life imprisonment without parole and may include the death penalty. This situation applies to murders that were planned, affected special victims or were commissioned during other serious crimes. Special victims include firefighters, children under six and police officers. "Serious crimes" that fall under this grouping include kidnapping, burglaries, prison escapes and sexual assaults.

A standard murder charge involves the purposeful killing of another, but does not include any of the special circumstances that would qualify for a capital murder. These convictions cost thousands of dollars in fines and result in life sentences. Manslaughter charges are invoked when someone was killed without intent. Intoxication manslaughter is generally applied in situations where a drunk driver took another person's life.

Criminally negligent homicide occurs when someone failed to do a basic act that resulted in the loss of another person's life. For example, if a parachuting instructor forget to teach a critical lesson to one of his students, who then died on the jump, he may be charged with criminal negligence. All charges of homicide are very serious crimes that may leave you socially stigmatized even after you serve your sentence. That is why it is so important to always hire a skilled San Antonio murder defense lawyer when you are charged with murder or manslaughter.

Hire a Superior Murder Defense Lawyer

Do not take a chance with your future. Hire a superior criminal attorney for your defense and rest assured that your future is in good hands. Contact the Law Offices of San Antonio's Criminal Lawyer today.