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San Antonio Money Laundering Attorney

Money laundering is often a sign that someone is involved with even more serious crimes such as drug trafficking, tax evasion, terrorism, fraud or immigrant smuggling, which is why the federal authorities are so interested in investigating anyone they believe may be involved in money laundering. If you believe the SEC, IRS or FBI have started investigating you for money laundering, or if you have already been arrested for the crime, it is critical you speak with a skilled San Antonio criminal lawyer from the Law Offices of San Antonio Criminal Lawyer as soon as possible.

If you have the chance, always hire your San Antonio Criminal Attorney before the investigation is complete to ensure your rights are protected to the full letter of the law. If any evidence was obtained illegally, you can always fight it later, but it is far more advantageous to prevent it from being uncovered in the first place. Additionally, your lawyer can help advise you about the investigation process and any proposed interrogations to ensure you do not offer up evidence or say anything that will harm your case later on.

Our Criminal Lawyer Can Help You Build a Strong Defense

Both individuals and entire organizations may be charged with this crime. Individuals could be sentenced to up to twenty years in prison and be forced to give up any property suspected to be purchased with funds from or used in the process of money laundering. When a company or other organization is convicted, it may be forced to sacrifice assets or close altogether. Either way, it is critical you defend yourself with a skilled San Antonio Criminal Lawyer.

If you or your company is under investigation, contact our offices as soon as possible to discuss your legal options. When you work with us, you can be sure that your San Antonio Criminal Attorney will do whatever we can to help protect you and your professional reputation.