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Juvenile Crimes in Texas

While some juveniles are charged as adults when accused of very serious crimes, most young adults will have to go through the juvenile justice system. This court system operates in a very different manner than adult courtrooms and a San Antonio juvenile crime attorney needs to be experienced in this system before defending a teenager or preteen. Fortunately for the children accused of these crimes, these juvenile courts are far more focused on reform and rehabilitation than their adult counterparts. So even if your son or daughter is charged with a serious misdemeanor in Leon Valley, you can be certain their sentence will be much more lenient than the ordinary adult punishment of massive fines and up to a year in jail.

Some parents mistakenly believe they should throw their child upon the Alamo Heights court and ask for forgiveness, rather than hiring a San Antonio criminal lawyer. Unfortunately, this will not teach your child the necessary lessons they need in life and it may, ultimately hurt their chances of getting into a good college or job after they graduate from their Olmos Park high school. By punishing your child on your own, outside of court, and allowing them a skilled criminal defense in San Antonio, you are allowing your child a better understanding of the justice system and you are helping to protect their future.

If your child is going to be charged as an adult, it is even more important that you hire a skilled San Antonio juvenile crime attorney or your child may be going away for a very long time. Texas will only try a child as an adult if the crime is very serious; in which case, the penalty upon losing the trial is going to be very severe. Charges commonly brought up in adult courts include:

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Whatever crime your child is being tried with, please contact a San Antonio juvenile crime lawyer to help protect their future. At our law frim, we have experience protecting multiple juveniles accused of all number of crimes. Contact us today to see how we can help your son or daughter.