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Online Criminal Charges

What happens when new technologies proliferate in our society before legislatures even have a chance to regulate them? We're finding that out right now. Even as we develop laws to prevent computer viruses and hacking, new devices and software pop up on a regular basis. When the crime isn't new, industrious criminals have always found new ways to use technologies to help them with their illegal activities. When charged with crimes of this nature, your San Antonio internet crimes attorney should be highly experienced in this ever-changing area of law.

Computers can be involved with a crime in one or more of these three ways:

Computer crimes are exceptionally complex. Investigators need to reliably track down the correct computer and the correct user of the computer. Evidence must be pulled from the computers in a constitutional manner. Sometimes the issue of where to hold the trial is complicated because the victim, the defendant and the ISP involved in the crime are all in completely different states. If the crime is theft of sensitive information, it may be difficult to decide what level of theft charge to apply to the charge because putting a monetary value on personal information is quite difficult. Your San Antonio Criminal Lawyer can help you show evidence was obtained illegally, that the prosecution has been failing to prove you were operating the computer when the crime was committed and that any information stolen was of marginal value.

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If you have been charged with an internet crime, it is crucial you hire a skilled criminal attorney in San Antonio, TX with experience in this complicated area of defense. At The Law Offices of San Antonio Criminal Lawyer, we provide all of our clients with superior representation from a top criminal lawyer. Contact us today.