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Immigration Crime Lawyer in San Antonio, TX

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Being a border state, Texas has had a long history of immigration crimes. In fact, our federal courts handle more immigration crimes than any other state in the nation. This is a very serious issue and depending on your status, an immigration crime could result in loss of a visa, deportation or prison time. If you have been accused of an immigration crime, please call The Law Offices of A San Antonio Criminal Lawyer and schedule a consultation with a skilled San Antonio Criminal Attorney.

Immigration crimes come in all shapes and sizes and vary from minor charges like the hiring of illegal immigrants to major accusations like the illegal smuggling of aliens that has resulted in death -a capital offense punishable by death. Very minor charges may result in little more than a warning, but if you were arrested and are facing trial, you are likely to be facing more serious consequences like the loss of your immigration status, or, if you are an American citizen, lengthy prison terms. The only way to fight these charges is with the help of a top San Antonio Criminal Lawyer.

Our Criminal Attorney Will Help You Fight the Charges

Immigration charges are some of the most difficult accusations to fight in court. In fact, only 4% of these trials are won by the defendant. By working with an experienced San Antonio Criminal Attorney, you are greatly increasing your chances of finding a successful outcome for your charges.

Do not take chances with your immigration status or your freedom; your choice of federal defense representative may affect the rest of your life. Call our offices today and schedule a consultation with a San Antonio Criminal Lawyer as soon as possible.