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Hate Crime Lawyer in San Antonio, TX

Our state has had a number of disturbingly violent and offensive crimes committed solely with the intention of inciting fear in different races or sexual orientations. In a way, these acts are a form of terrorism, as the purpose is not only to intimidate or hurt the victim, but to scare all other people of that group who learn about the crime. To help take a stand against these acts, the Texas legislature enacted a law to make hate crimes illegal in our state. As a result, people accused of committing crimes against others out of bias or prejudice face increased penalties for their crimes. If you have been accused of a hate crime, it is crucial you speak with a San Antonio Criminal Lawyer with experience defending clients accused of this special group of crimes.

The Texas hate crime law set up a number of protected categories of people in order to help prevent these groups from being targeted in crimes. The categories are ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, background, disability, age and political affiliations. Many people mistakenly believe this means African Americans, women, Muslims, and other minority groups are the only ones protected by these laws. In actuality though, it only makes it a crime to target a victim based on any of the protected categories, so if a lesbian, Mexican American woman attacked a straight, white man, it could still be a hate crime. Regardless of the minority status of the victim, anyone accused of harming someone based on their race, gender, religion, etc., will require the assistance of a skilled San Antonio hate crime attorney with hate crimes defense experience.

Our crime defense in San Antonio, TX, has defended many people accused of hate crimes. Without quality representation, you could be found guilty of a hate crime, which will leave you being punished more severely for the crime you committed. Hate crime convicts will face the sentence for the next degree of crime they were accused of. For example, while manslaughter is generally a second degree felony, if it was a hate crime, the defendant will be sentenced to a first degree felony. In this situation, the maximum sentence would change from 20 years in prison to life in prison. As you can see, charges of this nature require a top San Antonio Criminal Attorney.

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