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Fraud involves the illegal acquisition of money or property through the use of deception. There are many different types of fraud cases and some may be charged by state courts, while others will be a federal matter. People who are charged with fraud in state courts will often draw attention of the FBI and IRS who then may also charge them in federal courts for other crimes. For these reasons, it is crucial to only work with a San Antonio Criminal Attorney who can operate in federal and state courts.

The penalties for fraud can be expensive, result in long prison terms and loss of professional licenses. Even outside of the legal consequences though, you will face major discrimination once your time has been served. While most felons face some level of stigmatization, convicted fraudsters will find that few people will be willing to trust them. You will have extreme difficulties getting back into your old profession and may have a hard time even getting an entry level employment. The only way to escape these consequences is to hire a skilled San Antonio Criminal Lawyer at the start of the investigation.

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Your crime defense in Texas will do everything possible to protect you from illegal search and seizures and any other constitutional rights violations. Your San Antonio Criminal Attorney can also advise you where your case is going and what the chances are of it being raised to a federal issue.

If you have been charged with fraud, please contact a skilled San Antonio Criminal Lawyer from The Office Of San Antonio's Criminal Lawyer. Our office has handled all types of fraud cases including: