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Federal Criminal Charges

Federal crimes are more fervently prosecuted and investigated than the average state criminal charge. Our national government actively seeks to weed out criminals that have reached their radar and works exceptionally hard to put these people behind bars. Additionally, the penalties for these crimes are usually much stricter and provide less flexibility to judges overseeing the trials. It is of the utmost importance that anyone facing federal charges hires an experienced San Antonio Criminal Attorney with experience working on cases at a national level.

Different Rules in Federal Court

Federal courts have a number of different rules than state courts, including details about evidence, statutes, bond, jury selection and penalties. That is why a federal criminal lawyer with little experience in the federal system can end up hurting your case more than helping it. You need an attorney with experience operating in the federal circuit. Common federal crimes that have been defended by a federal crime lawyer in our firm include:

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Convictions for federal crimes can leave you in a federal penitentiary, paying thousands in fines and spending years on probation. Accusations of this type are never to be taken lightly. If you have been accused of a federal crime, contact a San Antonio Federal Criminal Attorney experienced in the federal courts. Call The Law Office of San Antonio Criminal Lawyer today to schedule your initial consultation.