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Family violence can affect any family, regardless of race, class or religion. In many cases, an angry spouse or concerned school official will call the police and later be unable to take back the accusations. Once a claim of family violence has been brought up, most police officers and prosecutors will not drop investigations or charges. While this policy is intended to help protect fearful victims from further abuse, it can often backfire and result in prosecutions that will only hurt the family they were meant to protect. In these situations, it is critical to hire a San Antonio family violence attorney as soon as possible.

Children have been known to exaggerate or out rightly lie about abuse, both for fun and as a way to get back at their parents in an argument. Spouses often lie about abuse in fights or order to gain exclusive custody of the children. When you work with our domestic violence defense in San Antonio, TX, we will examine these aspects of violence charges that many prosecutors choose to overlook. We will work to ensure than no falsely accused clients will be placed behind bars.

Even if the violence allegations are valid, a San Antonio Criminal Attorney from our firm will work to prove that incarceration is not the best option for the family. We will always focus on rehabilitation and less destructive ways of repairing the family unity.

Family violence charges may be a felony or misdemeanor depending on the severity of the injuries suffered by the victim. Severe cuts or broken bones will almost always result in felony charges. When the charge is a felony, the defendant will face a minimum of two years in state prison. If it is a misdemeanor, the maximum sentence is one year in jail. All family violence offenders will be required to complete a year-long violence program.

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If you have been accused of family violence, please contact a skilled San Antonio family violence lawyer from A San Antonio's Criminal Lawyer. We will do everything possible to help you keep your family together.