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San Antonio Drug Crime Lawyer

Being in a town so close to the Mexican border, our firm has obtained a great deal of experience defending people who have been accused of drug crimes. Whether it comes to Driving Under the Influence of Drugs, Drug Trafficking or Prescription Drug Fraud, a San Antonio drug crime attorney will have the skills needed to defend your case.

We understand your rights and the officer's responsibilities in a drug arrest and will work fervently to have your charges dismissed if your rights were violated and you were arrested without probable cause or if evidence was obtained illegally. Every San Antonio Criminal Lawyer in our firm has years of experience successfully defending people just like you against a multitude of drug charges.

Our Criminal Attorney Defends:

If you have been charged with a drug crime, contact a San Antonio drug attorney immediately. Drug charges carry a variety of sentences, as the crimes themselves are so broad in scope. A misdemeanor marijuana possession charge could cost you hundreds of dollars, while a felony cocaine trafficking charge could leave you in prison for years, owing thousands of dollars in fines and expecting for years of probation after your release. No matter how minor your charge is, you could still lose your driving privileges when convicted of a drug crime.

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Contact The Law Offices of A San Antonio's Criminal Lawyer for your free initial consultation. Our firm is skilled at dealing with fighting illegal arrests, unreasonable searches and obtaining agreeable plea bargains -the exact things you need when facing accusations of this nature. When your future is at stake, don't rely on just any attorney; call a top San Antonio drug lawyer from our offices to discuss your case today.