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Texas Family Violence Charges

Domestic violence is a complex and often misunderstood issue. Sometimes during a divorce the "victim" will lie about abuse in order to get an advantage in child custody and in property ownership. Other times a victim will refuse to press charges against their abuser, but the state will still insist on prosecuting the crime. If you have been accused of domestic violence, speak with a skilled San Antonio domestic violence attorney as soon as possible.

If you believe you were wrongly accused of abuse, your San Antonio Criminal Lawyer will gather evidence on your behalf to prove you have no propensity towards violence. We will interview character witnesses and any eye witnesses of the event. Additionally, if the occurrence was said to happen in public, we will work to view any security footage that may display the events that took place.

Legally, family violence is not an actual criminal charge. Instead, the perpetrator will be accused of:

Because there are so many crimes associated with domestic violence, there are also quite a few penalties as well. Punishments range from protection orders to fines to jail time. Your domestic violence attorney can help you understand what crime you are facing and what the penalties are.

While a restraining order is the least severe of many of these penalties, it can still greatly impact your life. Few people realize just how restrictive these protection orders are until they have one placed against them. When you have a restraining order against you, it may make it much more difficult to see your children. Even going out on a Friday night can be a major ordeal if you find the person protected by the order happens to have made the same plans as you. If you violate your protection order, whether purposefully or accidentally, you can be charged with a felony. If you have been accused of breaking a restraining order, please speak with your San Antonio Criminal Lawyer as soon as possible.

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