San Antonio Computer Crimes Lawyer

With each passing year the advances in technology bring about a steady increase in the number of computer crimes.  If you or someone you know is being investigated for a computer crime or has already been arrested for one, contact the San Antonio criminal lawyer today.

At the law offices of the San Antonio criminal lawyer, we can represent any case of computer criminal activity such as:

Computer crimes can fall into other categories of crime such as juvenile crime, domestic violence, sex crime, fraud, and more. Computer crimes can also fall into the category of white-collar crime.  Any fraud or financial crimes such as credit card fraud may be charged as theft crimes.

In recent years, juveniles and young adults have increased in the number of convictions for computer crimes.  While most young people do not believe that “file sharing” or piracy is illegal, the fact is a company can press criminal charges against confirmed offenders.

Even if you are guilty, remember that you have rights. Protect those rights by contacting the law offices of the San Antonio criminal lawyer today to discuss your computer crimes case.