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Fires are exceptionally dangerous. They may destroy precious natural resources, family homes and even take lives. Due to our state's naturally warm climate, our government loses a fortune fighting fires every year. It is estimated that our nation's insurance companies lose up to $80 million due to insurance fraud every year. For these reasons, suspected arson is always thoroughly investigated by arson experts hired by both the government and homeowner's insurance companies. Anyone charged with arson is facing a mountain of evidence and will require a skilled San Antonio arson defense attorney.

Accusations of arson should always be taken very serious. These crimes are always felonies and may even leave you in prison for life. Even if you receive a more lenient sentence though, you will still be subject to the same limitations our state places on all ex-convicts, meaning you will no longer have the right to bear arms, the right to vote or the right to hold public office. Additionally, convicts tend to have difficulties when finding housing or employment due to our population's bias against ex-criminals. If you wish to continue living a normal life, your only chance is to hire a San Antonio Criminal Lawyer with experience defending arson suspects.

Our Criminal Lawyer Can Help You Fight the Charges

Courts base the severity of arson punishments on a number of factors and your crime defense representation in San Antonio, Texas can help you fight to prove your innocence or to receive minimal penalties. When evaluating the severity of your sentence, the court will consider what your intentions were at the time, if you committed any other crimes in relation to the fire, if anyone was injured or killed and more. If your San Antonio Criminal Defense Attorney finds he cannot prove your innocence, he will instead work to prove that you started the fire due to pyromania, rather than to commit or hide other crimes.

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